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How can ADHD coaching help me better navigate ADHD?

Have you or a family member better navigate your life with ADHD?

Would you welcome some assistance in making the Christmas period a calmer and less stressful experience or to gain some tips on setting realistic goals and feel empowered for the New Year?

If so, the December online talk is for you!

They have two fantastic ADHD coaches to answer all your questions about ADHD coaching and how to better approach the Christmas & New Year period.

Monica Hassall is an experienced ADHD Coach with both national and international clients whom she works closely with using neuroscience, coaching principles and mindfulness to build close and supportive relationships with them to help them “think clearly, create strategies and function better in their environment”.

Monica has presented at numerous conferences including the recent International ADHD Conference, has been interviewed on several international podcasts and is highly engaged with ADDA (Adults with ADD Association) in the USA.

Jennifer Blunden was diagnosed with ADHD in 2017 and founded her ADHD coaching practice in 2019 to provide specialised coaching to support adults and high school students with ADHD to improve their executive function issues, to get more organised and to achieve positive outcomes.

She achieves this through education, encouragement, identifying priorities and practical actions directed at short term and long-term goals.

Her clients include undiagnosed, newly diagnosed, high school students, university students, parents, couples, those entering the workforce and employees at all levels.

This talk will be highly relevant to adults with ADHD, young adults, teens, parents, family members, teachers and other professionals working with people with ADHD.

You are invited to join her in talking to Monica and Jennifer next Thursday evening.

To find out more/book tickets visit the website: to attend and would like to see a recording of this and past talks?

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The talk commences 7.30pm AEDT (Sydney time)


Dec 16 2021


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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