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Healthy Breathing Healthy Child with Dr Rosalba Courtney

Breathing issues, such asthma, allergies, snoring, sleep apnea, enlarged adenoids and tonsils are very common in children in modern society and appear to be increasing. These conditions are often accompanied by dysfunctional breathing such mouth breathing, breathing pattern disorders and hyperventilation.
The way a child breaths can influence the function of their brain and nervous system, their structural development and their overall health. Many children have breathing issues that are either undetected or inadequately treated.

Conditions such as anxiety and ADHD with symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity are also on the increase in children and these can also be associated with breathing issues, particularly sleep disordered breathing but also asthma, respiratory allergies and mouth breathing [1-3]. Children’s posture and facial development is also strongly affected by their breathing.

By recognizing and correcting these breathing issues in children we can help them improve their health and achieve their potential.

Join Dr. Rosalba Courtney to learn about the following and more:
– How common breathing disorders in children impact on mind, body and behaviour.
– Recognising the signs of disordered daytime and night-time breathing in children.
– Breaking vicious cycles of breathing dysfunction.
– Knowing where to start and how to get help

Dr Rosalba Courtney ND, DO, PhD is an osteopath with over 45 years’ experience as a practitioner, teacher, researcher and writer. She has a PhD in breathing and deep interest in the ways that breathing and airway function affect health. She is passionate about helping children to improve their breathing. She sees children in her clinic in Avalon and online and runs a group program for children called Healthy Breathing Healthy Child.

For more information on Dr Courtney and her breathing programs for adults and children, see

Professionals attending will receive a Certificate of Attendance to help them keep track of their professional development.

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Nov 16 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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