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Ensemble Theatre presents captivating comedy ‘Benefactors’

Benefactors, a witty and funny production written by Michael Frayn, creator of international hits, Copenhagen and Noises Off, will take to the Ensemble mainstage from 16th June to 22nd July 2023. 

This Olivier Award-winning comedy set in the late 1960s follows David, a determined architect, as he strives to improve the quality of urban housing, yet chaos ensues when the high-rise boom goes bust and close friends are caught in the crossfire.

We caught up with Megan Drury, who will be playing Shelia in this captivating production.

What can audiences expect from a night out at Benefactors?

A tightly woven, engaging story, peering into the lives of richly drawn, relatable characters and realistically complex relationships. Important, interesting, topical subject matter, with a great number of laughs for good measure. A brilliant, satisfying blend of political, social, and personal concerns, as relevant today as they were decades ago. 60’s hairdos! And a harbour view from the Ensemble Theatre bar and restaurant!

How would you describe your character, Shelia?

Sheila is a woman who yearns for happiness and dreams of change, while finding both ever-elusive. She exists in ideas, imagination and hope more readily than in her own reality; and for good reason (her home-life with her husband and children is less than kind). Shy, timid, and anxious, she finds ways of escaping – some real, some unreal… In a more stable, more nurturing environment, she realises her capacity is far greater than she herself knew. But by the end of the play we are left wondering (with Sheila and, indeed, with all the characters) how much she has actually grown…

What do you enjoy most about acting?

I love the process of collaboratively sharing stories, exploring our humanity, society, and culture. Reflecting, to an audience, aspects of our shared existence; such that we might see ourselves and/or others in a new or different light. Plays and roles that are entertaining, whilst also sparking tensions and contemplations, questions and conversations. Investigating roles that are complex, surprising, flawed, lovable, and true. Constantly learning – through the research and study necessary for every role – about people and the world we live in.

How would you describe Benefactors in three words. 

Clever. Relatable. Mosaic.

Dates: 16th June – 22nd July 2023
Location: Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall Street, Kirribilli 
Tickets: $25 – $80