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Easter Bunny Tracker

We’ve all known for many years about NORAD’s Santa Tracker but how many of you know about the Easter Bunny Tracker?

We’ve been checking out this fun tool to add some extra excitement and fun to the Easter Season.

The Easter Bunny Tracker not only helps children track the big white fluffy one, but it’s full of fun.

Easter facts such as:

  • What is Easter?
  • Where’s the first place the Easter Bunny visits?
  • How do I write a letter to the Easter Bunny?
  • How does the Easter Bunny know where I am if we’re away from home for Easter?
  • Where doe the Easter Bunny live?
  • Does the Easter Bunny have a naughty or nice list like Santa?

These questions and many more are answered as well as a countdown clock, games, activities and you can sign up to receive a personalised message from the Easter Bunny.

Check it out here.