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Business in the Spotlight: Budding Brains Learning

Budding Brains Learning was co-founded by Primary School Teachers and Northern Beaches mums, Alexandra Pickering and Raema Martyres. Budding Brains Learning officially launched its range of learning boxes for preschoolers earlier this year to assist success and readiness for starting school. Each box targets a different concept, boosting fine motor skills through an abundance of hands-on activities.

Each box covers a different concept and includes:

  • A handcrafted timber ‘Brain Board’ manufactured by a local Australian design company, and made from recycled timber and coloured using non-toxic organic dyes.
  • An abundance of engaging activities to keep your preschooler busy for hours, whilst developing the Whole Child to balance all areas of development.   
  • A booklet with clear, specific instructions, handy teaching tips and background information supported by research, warm-up and extension activities.
  • ‘I am a little Budding Brain’ certificate to celebrate your child’s success.

The full range of learning boxes is available through their online shop at Follow Budding Brains Learning on Instagram and Facebook. New boxes are soon to be added to the collection.

Budding Brains Learning would love to offer fellow Northern Beaches Mums 10% off. Please use the discount code NBM10

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