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TinkerTank Robotics Pathways

TinkerTank has been preparing a new generation for the undefinable future of work over the last 10 years. We are a technology based MakerSpace where students learn and develop their STEAM skills with our incredible Mentors using hands-on collaboration through critical thinking challenges and unlocked creativity.

We offer:
Afterschool tuition
Holiday STEAM programs
Weekend workshops
Teen Meet ups (Media Lab)
Home Ed STEAM program

"STEAM is the future of education...and work. TinkerTank has tackled the issue that schools, communities and governments are struggling to provide - a unique solution for everyone.
TinkerTank combines many educational disciplines and mixes it in with the real-life hard and soft skills that are in demand for the future of work.
This is where TinkerTank nails it - we make learning engaging, fun and effective by using Project-based learning as our cornerstone. Without this you will struggle to get anyone, young or old to retain these necessary skills. Students excel with our collaborative and creative approach.
STEAM skills are required in 75% of new jobs today and that number is only going to increase. It’s time to #futureproof at TinkerTank."
- Quote from Michael Priddis

22 South Steyne, Manly
2 Ada Avenue, Brookvale (Opening Feb 4th, 2023)
47 Ridge Street, North Sydney
Phone Number
1 300 670 104

Special Offers
We offer 2.5 hour after school programs for just $45/week - that's just over $15/hour!
We also have a BUS service - please enquire! Sibling Discount on regular memberships, too!
  • TinkerTank 3D Design Pathways
  • TinkerTank Coding Pathways
  • TinkerTank Media Pathways
  • TinkerTank Birthday Parites
  • TinkerTank's Teen MediaLab Sessions

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