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Alice Thompson, Mackellar?s only Independent candidate

Meet Alice Thompson, a local mum standing as a candidate in the 2019 federal election. Alice lives in Elanora Heights with her husband and two boys who attend the local public school.

Alice is an experienced leader in government and the corporate sector, working for Premiers and Prime Ministers, including as a senior adviser to Malcolm Turnbull.

Alice didn?t imagine a career as a politician. Instead, she focused on driving better decisions in government behind the scenes.

?Like many others, I feel the current state of politics is holding our lucky country back,? she says. ?The low standards of many Parliamentarians; the lack of honesty and integrity; the oppositional approach of the major parties blocking progress; the inability to agree on real climate action; and not enough compassion for our most vulnerable people.?

With such short-term thinking, no political party is offering businesses or our families a vision or plan to secure our future, says Alice.

Having worked in Parliament, Alice has seen it all from the inside. And she says we deserve much better local representation.

She?s been inspired by Independent MPs like Cathie McGowan and Andrew Wilkie.

?They were able to get the attention of the Prime Minister, work constructively with government and get things done for their communities,? she says.

?Independents have the freedom to represent the community?s views and values because they don?t report to political party, their donors and vested interests.?

Alice is challenging a safe Liberal seat because she believes every Member of Parliament should be using their considerable influence to steer Australia in the right direction.

?Laws to limit corruption in government. Urgent action on climate change. Equal opportunity so all Australians can reach their full potential. Supporting our economy and businesses to innovate – not just taking photos with electric cars,? says Alice.

To do this, she says we need Parliamentarians with ?more imagination and vision? and people like her who are willing, and courageous enough to create the change.

?And, yes, electing more women will change the culture in Canberra and ensure women?s views are part of the decisions that affect us,? says Alice.

?No matter which party wins government, an Independent MP will be a much stronger voice for our families than a Liberal MP on the backbench.?

You can make a difference in Australian politics by Voting 1 Alice Thompson, the only Independent in Mackellar.

Drop in to Alice?s office 7 Bungan St Mona Vale